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conditions (i.e., all outdoor measurements) depend not only on the scattering properties of the observed surface, but as well on atmospheric of a single direction of the incident beam for all ground based, . The above reflectance and reflectance factor definit

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Ultraviolet radiation reflection from reflective surfaces Soil, Clay/humus, 4.0-6.0 Wood, Wood boat deck, 6.6. UV Index reflection calculation. UVIMate calculates UV Index with consideration of reflection factor based on the current area

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Average Ground Reflectance (also known as albedo) is defined as the average fraction of incident radiation reflected by the ground. The respective values

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Reliaboard and Terrain can only be cantilevered on the ends. building principals used to install wood or composite decking and in accordance fire or reflection of sunlight from energy-efficient window products. scrap factor. Example:

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Oct 15, 2018 software package for ground reflectance retrieval based on physical . wavelength λ, is described in terms of apparent reflectance factor ρ.

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Because solar cells are usually mounted at a tilt angle s from the ground, they not only the sky, but partly also the ground, expressed by the ground view factor:.

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INTRODUCTION. In outdoor sound propagation problems, especially in out- methods by which the reflection factor of representative ground surfaces could be

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Type: Input Variable Units: % Symbol: ρg The ground reflectance (also called albedo) is the fraction of solar radiation incident on the ground that is reflected.