hairline cracks in chengal wood

Timbers will crack or check as they dry but it will not weaken them

Timbers check or crack because of how the piece dries unevenly. Little will prevent this but it won't change the structural integrity of the timber.

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Jul 26, 2011 Both Chengal and Iron Wood are naturally hard and heavy. tendency of forming hairline cracks are relatively common compared to softwood

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Jun 23, 2016 Timber cracks (checks) in Reclaimed Wood Timber log that measures 34” diameter at the large end and 14” at the small end as an example.

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Sep 23, 2016 Chengal wood is generally more affordable than other natural timber Ironwood is, however, prone to hairline cracks and need regular

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Iron wood and chengal are both common decking materials used in South East hairline cracks are relatively common compared to softwood such pine trees.

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Chengal wood is also naturally resistant to termite attacks and fungal growth. Q: These crack lines are actually termed as "hairline cracks", which are very

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Cracked Treated Wood - Treatment chemicals evaporate causing cracks in treated These small check cracks are often about the width of a piece of paper and


Splits and cracks in wood are ruptures or separations in the grain of the wood too small a clearance angle, or excessively jointed knives. Excessive pressure

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Chengal Wood Description as wood building material. over time); Higher content of natural sugar which promotes bacteria growth; Numerous hairline cracks.