what does hollow to the floor mean

Flufferbot, 'Hollowgate' and the hollow floor noise Tesla Motors

He asked if my car made a hollow sound when you knock hard on the rear floor of the cabin just So does that mean they'll address the issue?

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Hollow to Hem: Do this with the shoes you will be wearing with your full length gown or Begin at the top of the head and pull tape straight down to the floor.

What's Hollow to Hem on a Plus Size Dress? - Sydney's Closet

Apr 16, 2014 What does 'Hollow to Hem' means when shopping for a plus size dress for You will often hear "hollow to hem" as a key measurement for

Hollow Floor Tiles After Water Damage - Living The Bump

Hollow floor tiles are one of the casualties of water damage, and knowing how . rarely become hollow, as water does not generally affect cured concrete (as the Several tiles together, or worse yet, tiles across the whole floor, mean there is

does hollow floor tile always mean future cracked tile? - Houzz

Jan 28, 2018 I'm finding some tiles are hollow when knocks in certain areas of them (sometimes center, sometimes corners) Does this always result in a

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Floor definition is - the level base of a room. How to use floor in a 2a : the lower inside surface of a hollow structure (such as a cave or bodily part). b : a ground

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Jul 29, 2013 Let me explain: if I'm investigating a 1,500 square foot tile floor in a Does the whole tile sound hollow or does only a portion of the tile sound