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Can anyone recommend a yard in SE Asia for teak deck project . Singapore , Malaysia or Thailand is ok. I know of Precision Shipwrights but

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Country: Germany Achievement: 3D cork-leveling and Wolzynteek-artificial decking Country: Greece Achievement: Prefab-Teakdeck, 3D-measuring, Prefab-artificial decking (Wolzynteek) . Country: Sweden / Thailand Achievement: Prefab-

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Thailand is renowned for quality teak decks, so we decided to bite the bullet and get the deck replaced in Phuket. Not only would it be cheaper, but we would

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Teak decking laid plank by plank with hundreds of screws in each batton are a thing of the past. The system of teak deck panels prefabricated with margin

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We would NEVER recommend anyone do extensive boat work in Thailand. . The true quality of a paint job, or fiberglass repair, or new teak deck is not how it

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In 2011 we decided to do a major refit on Ocelot. The major boat work we were looking at was: remove/replace teak decks, paint the topsides and cabin top,