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That's why you need to partner with a company that specializes in the highest quality, heavy duty commercial plastic playground border timber edging in the

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Our Landscape timber and playground border products are made from recycled tire rubber, recycled plastic or resin composites. These materials are very

Creative Playthings 6" Molded Plastic Border and Spike - : Creative Playthings 6" Molded Plastic Border and Spike : Playground Gym And Swinging Accessories : Garden & Outdoor.

Plastic Border Timber - APCPLAY

Our four foot long Park Timbers are modular plastic landscaping borders that are essential playground accessories that make it simply, easy, and effective to

Reversible River Rock / Field Stone Gray Plastic Landscape Timber

Playground Borders. Menu Reversible River Rock / Field Stone Gray Plastic Landscape Timber with Spike 4' Long by 8” tall Gray Plastic Rock Timber.

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Our affordable playground border options include rubber edging, plastic lumber, and other products to keep your mulch contained and make your play area

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TuffTimbers™ Edging keeps your safety surfacing materials right where it belongs. Tuff Timbers Edging custom borders allow you to define many shapes and

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of playground borders and edging. We're here to help you find the right playground border for your project. Playground borders made from plastic or rubber

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Our plastic border timbers make the perfect retention system for playground surfacing. Choose Plastic timber, playground border, landscape timber. Plastic

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Best of all, this playground border made of molded plastic, so even though it looks like wood it's

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Recycled rubber mulch mats placed underneath playground equipment such as swings Our interlocking plastic timber borders can be installed easily with the

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Did you know Plastic Playground Borders are Perfect for Raised Bed Gardens? For existing playgrounds that need a cheap playground border idea, or to make them ADA accessible, plastic playground borders and 12" Timber Spikes.

Plastic Playground Borders, 4 Foot, 12 Inch

(1 metal spike with each timber included!) Our 4-foot long, 12-inch tall plastic border edging timbers are perfect for use on playgrounds to retain protective

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Whether you invest in plastic or rubber playground edging, how you outline your Funtimber Border with Spike 8 Foot Rubberific Recycled Rubber Timber

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Our durable and economical recycled plastic borders are great for any loose-fill Commercial Playground Equipment, Playground Equipment, Playground While wooden borders will need to be replaced regularly, these recycled plastic

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Recycled Structural Plastic™ borders are made from the same heavy-duty lumber with which we manufacture our playground equipment - 100% recycled

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Funtimbers borders the industry leading solution for playground borders and option for gardeners in the design and construction of raised garden beds.

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Our HIGH QUALITY 12" Border Timber help contain any loose-fill playground mulch such as wood mulch or rubber nuggets. The playground border timbers