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Keywords: Bubble Deck Slab System; ANSYS; High density polyethylene hollow balls were conducted for to reduce the disadvantages caused by self-weight of the . NCRIET-2015 and Indian J.Sci, Vol.12(1):021027. [3] Harishma K.R and

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ADVANTAGES OF BUBBLEDECK . .. The BubbleDeck slab is a revolutionary biaxial concrete floor system Disadvantages include a high weight-to- strength

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The main obstacle with concrete avoid these disadvantages voided slab sy system is The advantages thickness makes the slabs heavier, and will increase are less The Bubble deck slab floor system A voided slab is a concept that simply

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Kathir College of Engineering Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India. Abstract: This paper proposes The paper is discuss about various properties of Bubble deck slab based on the various studies done . than 100 kg of concrete. F. Disadvantages.

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Keywords: Bubble Deck Slab, Bridge Deck Slab, Finite Element Method . The material properties used are typical for standard concrete and HDPE in the India. . the other slab system, solving all problems caused by their disadvantages in

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Sep 25, 2018 Also Explore the Seminar Topics Paper on Bubble Deck Slab with Abstract or Synopsis, Documentation on Advantages and Disadvantages,

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axial voided slab system and BubbleDeck slab. The several research studies [7 - 11]. were aimed at advantages and disadvantages of the system BubbleDeck.

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Carries heavy loads. 2. Attractive exposed ceilings. Disadvantages. 1. Formwork with panels is expensive. 1.2.3 Slab with beams: Span up to 10 m. Advantages.

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Also it is necessary to allocate the available advantages and disadvantages of The geometry of the BubbleDeck slab is a certain size ellipsoids, disposed at a

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A study on behavior of bubble deck slab using ansys The advantages of the bubble deck slab are less To avoid these disadvantages which were caused.

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Uploaded by Byju Vijayan. analysis of bubble deck slab,desiogn construction technique Students, Department of Civil Engineering, K L University, Guntur, A.P, India. 2 Associate .. by their disadvantages in the same time. Besides that the

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The key advantages of voided slabs start with spans 25 feet and longer: BubbleDeck's Dan Windorski says that meeting the tight schedule using traditional

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Dec 8, 2017 Bubble Deck & HollowCore Slab 1 Understanding of Bubble Deck and Deck & HollowCore Slab 11 Advantages of BubbleDeck Structural Less Deck & HollowCore Slab 21 Disadvantages of Hollow Core Slabs Does

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Bubble deck slab is a method of virtually eliminating all concrete from the middle of a having various advantages over the tradition slab system. . all advantages of the other floor systems, solving all problems caused by their disadvantages.

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1 Student, Department of Civil Engineering, CISAT, Kerala, India. 2Assistant Professor bubble deck slabs with spherical and elliptical balls were subjected to

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Bubble deck slab is used in other countries and it has lots of advantage then why is it not Any new technology having proven potential is not welcome in India

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Mar 22, 2018 KEYWORDS: Biaxial Hollow core slabs, Bubble deck slab, Solid slab, This is not the last of the advantages of the Bubble deck slab floor